Friday, 10 August 2012

In the Beginning!

Welcome to the grand opening of Ranting Scot Reviews! Now the odds anyone is reading this is reasonably slim but if you are allow me to explain what will hopefully be appearing on this blog. I am a gamer, I love games and have been burning aliens; taking over medieval Europe and overthrowing Hitler since I was tiny. My dream is to some wonderful day review games officially either online or with a magazine because one of the things I like almost as much as gaming itself, is to discuss games, the good, bad and ugly of what I'm playing. Even if this blog isn't read the odds are I'm going to keep putting material up because this is my passion so screw the haters :D. So why should you read this blog, what will set me apart from any other reviewer? Well I'll tell you in the form of a convenient list:
  • No bias, none, nada. This is a little blog, I'm not going to be getting any cash from devs to big up their game and no company name makes me giggle with excitement before I play their game so these views will be completely my own and based on the game not who makes it. Anyone who says different is entitled to have a large pointy boot inserted in their rear end.
  • I am prone to bursting out into furious rants on games and their features or lack of them as the case may be hence the blog name. Keeping my fingers crossed these are taken in the way they are intended as damn right hilarious not an irritating pain in the ass. If it is the latter let me know.
  • Leading on from the end of that last point I will take any feedback I get seriously. Though I have my doubts at how popular this is going to be at this point I want this blog to be a success and as such I want to know what you guys like or don't like about what I'm writing.
  • This isn't just about AAA games I love indie games and they will be appearing regularly on the page and I'll likely advise you what you can do to support the underfed and understaffed indie devs that struggle to put games on your laptops, desktops and consoles.
I've gone on a bit here about not much exciting so I'll stop in just a moment. If it turns out you like the crap I write feel free to tell your friends or your enemies for that matter. My first proper post should be up soon, until then enjoy your gaming folks.

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